EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler


EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler Helps adjustable shoe balancer/leveler helps to equalize limb length and reduce body strain while walking. It compensates for leg length changes while wearing a fracture boot or a below-knee cast. The height can be adjusted which helps against uneven gait and also helps to prevent pain in the back, hip, and knee.


  • Left Or Right Foot
  • Children, Women, and Men Sizes
    • 7 Sizes Available
    • XXXS to X-Large
  • Color
    • Black, Teal
  • Adjustable Height
    • Offers 1/2″ or 3/4” or 1 1/4” Lift

With all products, features can change, so be sure the features that attracted you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

Video:  Since the making of the video the EVENup Shoe comes in 7 sizes and 3 adjustable heights




Additional information

Additional Information

Package Dimensions: 13.03 x 7.44 x 3.03 inches
Package Weight: 10.86 Ounces
Manufacturer: OPED Medical
Brand: EVENup