Berberx Antimicrobial Wound Cleanser


  • 16 oz
  • Antimicrobial Cleanser
    • Kills Bacteria
  • Use For Cuts, Incisions, Bed Sores,BerbereX Wound Cleanser Is A Gentle Yet Effective Antiseptic Used To Clean Cuts, Wounds, Bed Sores, Diabetic Ulcers, Burns, Pressure Sores. Use To Kill Bacterial And Promote Healing. 
  • Thorough and Gentle Cleansing
  • Reduces Risk Of Infection
  • Calms Redness, Inflammation, And Discomfort
  • Reduces Risk Of Scarring 
  • No Unnecessary Chemicals
  • Free of Artificial Scents, Parabens, And Preservatives
  • Moisturizing Formula 
  • Not For Use In Children Under the Age of Two
  • Doctor Recommended 
  • FDA Registered
  • For External Use Only

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Directions For Adults And Children 2 Years Of Age And Older:
Use To Clean Minor Cut, Scrapes, And Burns By Thoroughly Flushing The Affected Area.
Let Air Dry.
Cover With Adhesive Bandage Or Sterile Gauze.
Apply A Small Amount Of This Product On The Area 1 To 3 Times Daily.
Children Under 2 Years Of Age: Do Not Use. Consult A Doctor.